02 January, 2006

Virgin Radio

The most listened to online radio station in the world.
Virgin Radio is owned by SMG plc, and is no longer a subsidiary of Richard Branson's Virgin Group.
Streaming with abacast on the web @20kbps, it's accessable for free.

The program schedule.

Virgin plays the best of album rock tracks, and bills itself as the U.K.'s only commercial rock station.(is this a good thing?) I really prefer independant stations, but Virgin has a pretty good selection of music IMHO.
The Virgin Radio Playlist showcases their unique selection of what's hot on the airwaves at the moment.
There is also a page with rss feeds information so that you can get all of the Virgin Radio site information updated to your desk top.
Virgin also has three 'blogs' from the following presenters: Geoff Lloyd, Pete Mitchell, and Ben Jones.
There are studio webcams, where you can peak in on the studio and check out what is happening, and
if they aren't running at the time you are listening, they also have a link to archived pics.


If you know what you like - and you know what you want to hear - then Soundcheck is for you.
Soundcheck is Virgin Radio's panel of listeners that have the power to change what is played.
Using Soundcheck, they make sure that they play what you want, today's best music and classic tracks.
It's free to join Soundcheck, and when you do, you get the power to directly influence Virgin Radio's music policy ,to say whether a song stays or goes .


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