02 January, 2006

Radio Paradise

Radio Paradise
is located in Paradise, California
in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The actual music servers are located in San Jose, New York, and
Portland, Oregon and can be remotely controlled from their
Paradise studio or from anywhere else in the world by a laptop computer.
The audio servers are located in Vienna, Virginia (64kb & 128kb) and
San Jose, California (32kb & 16kb). They all feature high-speed redundant
Internet connections to keep the music flowing smoothly.


windows media

MP3 128kbps

MP3 64kbps

Real/MP3 128kbps

Real/MP3 6kbps

They provide "Old Fashioned Radio for the 21st Century".
"Each hour of music is carefully blended together, just like real DJs used to do on FM."
They don't use the computer-generated playlists or "carefully researched
music libraries" that have sucked the soul out of FM radio.
The station is run using an innovative programming automation system designed
by Bill Goldsmith. Bill has been programming & DJing progressive radio
stations for a long time, but (as you might have noticed) there's not much
room for creative, eclectic, and diverse radio on the FM band these days.
Bill explains: "That's why I'm so excited about the possibilities of web
radio. It gives people like me the chance to tell the bean-counters who
rule the radio biz to take that FM tower & shove it where the sun...
Sorry. I get carried away sometimes."

Radio Paradise also depend on input from you to help fine-tune their music
mix. If you hear something that you feel strongly about (either positively
or negatively), you can post a comment on that song. Just click the song
title on the

. They'd also like to hear from you if there's an artist
you don't hear, but think would fit in with the music mix.
Registered users can upload suggested additions to the library
for review.

Radio Paradise welcomes CD submissions from artists & record labels.
You can send those to

Radio Paradise - PO Box 3008 - Paradise, CA 95967.

If there's an
independent artist that you think would fit in on Radio Paradise,
you should contact them and ask them to send the station a CD.

Registered users can also upload suggested songs for
addition to the playlist. Click "Register/Settings"
at the bottom of the left column on the
front page
- then "Song Uploads".

Radio Paradise is listener supported, so if you like what you hear, maybe you'll send them a fiver or something?
This station is sure to bring a little Paradise into your life,
wherever you are.


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