02 January, 2006

Middle Eastern Radio.

These reviews come by way of Vibrani.

The Israeli station at the top, 102 FM from Tel Aviv, is a popular music station with commercials, pretty much like our regular pop/rock stations in the U.S. are run. There is a combination of Israeli pop/rock music and American and European - that's what I've heard so far. Only problem with this station is that it's not always on and hard to find out when it is.

Kolchai Radio from Tel Aviv, Israel, is an all-Hebrew station that provides a good variety of contemporary, popular and religious Jewish/Israeli and Yiddish music, commercials, and current news with live reports from Israel. They have listeners call in, and they play games with the listeners on the air. Kolchai translates as "all life" and chai is the sacred number 18 (life). The music level during the religious times are more conservative, so don't expect any heavy metal or rap then. The quality of the recordings on the station are pretty good, though.

You have to realize that some Israeli stations alternate with being one way for most of the week or during the day, and during the night or weekends they could be something different; like all-talk radio or religious or whatever. So, one has to get a feel for it.

I think that Kolchai has blocks of time in which it is more religiously and politically oriented. Kolchai also has a segment of listener call-ins for professional advice, like talk-radio with a shrink or religious consultant. I heard a five minute talk about another demonstration coming up about the wall in Israel. It's not my top personal choice of a radio station, lol, because I'm not religious or into religion, but the music is interesting, especially if you're a musicologist or linguist.

Radio Farda Comes from Iran, and the reception may have a bit of static, depending on where you live. It's also not always on the air. The spoken language is Farsi (Persian) and the music is everything from traditional Oriental/Middle Eastern folk to American hip-hop.

(editors note: Farda is an American run station, broadcast into Iran, as a sort of Radio Free Iran, modeled on the Radio Free Europe of past days, to bring another world view to the Iranian peoples.)

This article was originally written on 25 February, 2004.


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